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Beckwith Thompson

Whimsey Artist’s Statement


Inspired by old circus toys, an idea flew into my head to create a magical world where odd objects could fly around landscapes in a multitude of strange ways. Levitation by means of wings or springs or things that spin, flap and fly fascinates me. The spirit of bugs and butterflies that have spent their lives in the garden are represented by the inclusion of their delicate wings.


When my eye lands on an object, whether unique or familiar, the challenge is to use my memory and mentally mix the object with various tools I have catalogued. As to their origin, some of my objects are family heirlooms, while others are bits and pieces that I have found in my travels over the years. I continue to browse junk shops and estate sales for photographs like the floppy birthday cake and other quirky items. Sometimes it is the object that intrigues me; sometimes it is simply a particular part of the object that can double as an unusual method of moving about. For instance, the spring in Couch Spring is actually an egg-cup holder turned upside down. Gran's Airplane, depicts my great-grandmother Atsy, alongside my horse Daisy, and a plane from my fabulous toy box. 


To make these images, I gather up digital files of landscapes and objects with a small digital camera or scanner, select out what is interesting, add it to other items, toss in some texture, stir for movement, breathe into it, then let it shuffle off in its own way. The rich color scheme intensifies these landscapes where things can fly, hinting at the dreamlike quality of the spaces. The mystery of what could be or perhaps already is — but just out of reach — tickles my fancy.